Tips & Products To Change Your Makeup Game!

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Hi friends!

I thought in this blog post I would share some makeup/beauty tips. I am not certified professional in this area but I have had my fair share of experience and I simply just love makeup. I believe you can be so creative in this field and I 100% believe makeup is a form of art. I also believe that makeup isn't about covering up what you don't like about yourself but its about enhancing how God already created YOU! I interned at a professional high end cosmetics company when I was 14 for about 4 years. While interning their I also made YouTube videos about makeup and thats how I learned a lot about makeup. Now that am 20 I feel that I am qualified to share the knowledge that I do know and what have learned over the years with you! 

10 TIPS!

  1. Put on all of your eye makeup first because then it won't ruin your face makeup.

  2. After putting all of your eye makeup on first use a makeup wipe to wipe off all of the makeup that fell on to your face so you have a clean face for all of your face makeup.

  3. Use eyeshadow primer when ever your applying eyeshadow it will last A LOT LONGER because the product has something to stick to and not just your skin. The eyeshadow will also be way more visible and pop more! Some of my favorites are urban decay primer potion, too faced shadow insurance, elf eyeshadow primer

  4. Use a beauty blender sponge when applying foundation I feel it looks a lot better and much easier to apply compared to a regular sponge or brush. My favorite is real techniques miracle complexion sponge.

  5. If your buying a setting powder where you can’t match your skin tone before you buy the product like at the drug store get a translucent one because it matches to anyones skin tone. My favorite is NYX translucent powder.

  6. NYC smooth skin bronzing face powder is one of my favorite bronzers because I feel it does the same job of many high end bronzers and its not super shimmering which you want. You do not want to be looking like a disco ball. Your bronzer and highlighter should do two different things.

  7. Get good quality makeup brushes because they will last a lot longer and applying your makeup with good brushes will make your makeup look much better. You can do that without breaking the bank! My favorite makeup brushes are any ones from real techniques.

  8. Take your makeup off EVERY NIGHT! It’s okay we are all guilty of sleeping with are makeup on including myself but trust me your skin will thank you later if you stop sleeping with it on! If your super lazy leave makeup wipes on your nightstand so you don't even have to get up. My favorite makeup wipes are simple.

  9. One of my favorite blushes is twinkle pink by Elf and its under $5! Also I feel it goes well with many different skin tones.

  10. If you have the option to splurge on makeup I would recommend splurging on a foundation because it will have better ingredients which it why higher end makeup cost more. You want to treat your skin nice especially something that your putting on your entire face. Also if you go to Ulta Beauty or Sephora or even better a local store they will help you match the correct foundation to your skin tone compared to just going to the drugstore. Nobody wants to see that line on your jaw because your foundations is three shades darker than your actually skin tone. One of my favorites is the perfecting makeup broad spectrum by Merle Norman.

Hope these tips, products, suggestions etc help you out the next time you are doing your makeup or are out shopping for makeup! 

Leave a comment below telling me what tip you found the most helpful and/or tell me a tip that you think should be added to the list! 

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