Healthy snacks on a budget!


I have had my fair share of eating junk food and just straight up food that was not good for you. When I looked at the ingredients list of food I use to eat I could not pronounce more than half of the ingredients on the package. As I have gotten older those foods have not made me feel good and when I eat healthier my body feels so much better and I simply feel so much more energized!

In todays blog post I will be sharing some snacks/food that am loving to eat that are affordable! Eating healthy should not cost more than going to get fast food but unfortunately it does cost way more sometimes. I try my best to share the most affordable prices because I completely understand if your on a budget I am a college student! I do believe its possible to eat healthy even if your on a budget and its all about what you decide to put in your body and small changes bring big results!

I am not perfect I love some ice cream and cookies etc but I try my best to eat healthy its all in moderation!

Here are 5 snacks that I love to eat:


Lara Bars- $4.99 a box for 5 bars

Lara bars are amazing because they are gluten free and have no more than 9 ingredients in each bar. My favorite flavor is the coconut cream pie but they have a bunch of flavors. I usually get them at my local grocery store or Target.

2. Blue Diamond Almonds Nut Thin Crackers- $2.59 a box at Target

Theses crackers are amazing they are gluten free and have a bunch of different flavors. My favorite flavor is cheddar!

3. Popcorn-$2.69 a box at Target 

Who doesn't love popcorn and its taste so good and there is usually nothing in it besides oil or butter. It is really healthy when you make it over the stove but I will share my favorite mircowave one which is Newman's Own light butter.

4. Salsa-$2.99 for both 

I love salsa it simply just taste so good and there is not of a lot ingredients in it. One of my favorites is the Pico de gallo from Trader Joes its super fresh and has less the 10 ingredients in it! My second favorite is organic roasted restaurant style salsa from Simply Balanced from Target which is also under 10 ingredients as well. These salsa's go great with tortilla chips or over chicken or whatever your taste buds are calling! 

5. Smoothies

I love making smoothies especially for breakfast or for a snack in the middle of the day. Smoothies fill me up for a long period of time so am not snacking a bunch. 

Heres the recipe for the smoothie that I normally make and fyi I do not measure anything:

5-6 Strawberries- (get at my local grocery store and look for the cheapest price)

1 Banana- (usually get at my local grocery store but I find its the cheapest at Trader Joe's) 

1 Packet of organic unsweetened acai packet- (the most affordable price I found is at Trader Joe's and it comes in a packet of 4 for $4.49) 

Splash of unsweetened coconut milk ($2.99 for half of gallon at Trader Joe's)

Less than a half of teaspoon of honey

Sprinkle of chia seeds- (12 ounce bag for $4.99 at Trader Joe's )

A handful of spinach leaves- (get at my local grocery store and look for the cheapest price)  Trust me you won't taste it I don't like spinach so this a great way to get greens in your diet if you don't like it either!


If you buy or make any of these items please Instagram or tweet me I would to love to see!


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