This blog post is going to be simple I LOVE music! I do not go a day without listening to music, anyone else??! So many artists have inspired me with the songs they write and the music they make. I love all kinds of music and will most likely give the time of day to whatever your listening to but if you hand me your aux cord I have been know for being a pretty good DJ I don't want to toot my own horn but just saying... :)

I thought I would share some music that I have been listening too. I compiled 20 songs that I like and made a playlist on my YouTube channel. This is obviously not all the music I am listening too but I thought I would start off with 20 songs. If you want to keep up to date with the music that I am listening to 24-7 I have a apple music account that I made public @Bobbynatalia.

l hope your ears enjoy!

If you want to share the music your listening to I would LOVE to hear. Seriously I want to know please share! Tweet me or Instagram me or you can leave a comment below on this post!

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