Finding The Right Foundation For Your Skin Tone/Color Of Skin!


Have you struggled with finding the right foundation to match your skin tone/color of your skin?

I sure have and I think it is one of biggest makeup struggles for many women! I asked on my Instagram what are your biggest struggles with makeup and so many of you said finding foundation that matches your skin tone properly.

I am sharing weekly makeup tips over on the Bobby natalia Instagram page and they are going to go with a blog post. My first makeup tip is going to be just that! Finding the proper foundation so it actually matches your skin. I will share with you my best advice regarding each topic and I truly hope this helps you! Its my biggest hope and prayer:)


  1. Go to a makeup store where they help you like a Ulta Beauty or Sephora its their job to help you!

  2. Or a makeup counter in a department store but be careful because not everyone who works at counters knows how to do makeup!

  3. If your going to a drug store bring a friend with you  so you can hold up multiple shades.

  4. Put the foundation up to your neck NOT your hand or arm.

  5. Your hand and arm are different shades than your  face so matching it to your neck is the best way to go because when you apply your foundation you blend it all the way down to your neck.

  6. Another option but it could get expensive is buy a couple of different shades to try out at home if your going the drug store route.

  7. Make sure you BLEND super well! Blend all the way down to your neck so you do not get that line where you can  tell your wearing foundation. 

  8. My favorite applicator for foundation is the Miracle Complexion Sponge by Real Techniques and it’s only $6.00! I have literally bought this sponge over 20 times. 

    Hope these tips help you and leave a comment below letting me know which tip was the most helpful for you! Also what would you like to see on the Blog next?!

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