My Real Thoughts On Ulta Beauty Makeup!


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The makeup look for Bobby natalia countdown to Christmas is finally here! In the days leading up to Christmas this past year, I did a countdown on Bobby natalia Instagram stories. If you missed it, go check it out under the story highlights-I saved it under there. Be part of Bobby natalia if you are not following already! I would love for YOU to be part of it!

I opened one product each day for 12 days leading up to Christmas. I did not know what was in each box, so I was surprised on camera each day. After Christmas I put a poll up on Instagram stories asking you if you wanted a giveaway or for me to do a makeup look with all the products from the countdown. You guys said a makeup look, so I am here to deliver that. Check out Bobby natalia Instagram for the makeup look!

I thought for this week’s blog I would write about the look I created. Makeup is all about experimenting and for this look I chose to not come up with an idea before I started filming. I wanted my first reactions to be on camera and for you guys to see my process of coming up with a look. This actually really helped me, because I haven’t experimented with a look in a long time. I also wanted to show you guys what experimenting with makeup looks like when you have never used a product before.

You will never get good at doing makeup if you never experiment or play with the products. So, my tip for all you makeup lovers is to have fun with the makeup sitting in your room you haven’t mustered up enough courage to try yet and just start playing around with it! That’s the only way you’ll discover you love or hate a product.

I am going to give my real thoughts and opinions on each product that I used for the look/challenge! All of the products were from Ulta Beauty from the 12 days of beauty gift set.

-Ulta Beauty Gel Bounce Eyeshadow

I did like this eyeshadow, I would use the product again. The color was pigmented and lasted throughout the day. I thought the maroon color was pretty, but it is not a color I would wear everyday more for special occasions.

-Ulta Beauty Glitter eye top coat

I did not like this product. For an eyeshadow the product was really loose and it didn’t stick to my eyelid very well. It was “top coat” shadow meaning that it needs to stick to other shadows and not just for single use. I used it with the cream eyeshadow and I don’t think it worked well.

-Ulta Beauty chubby eye crayon

This was probably my least favorite product out of all 12. For an eye product the pencil was way too fat. I felt it was way too rough on my eye and you could not have control with the pencil. Also, I don’t like pencil products because trying to find the proper makeup sharpener is very difficult.

-Ulta Beauty cream eyeshadow

This was one of my favorite products out of the 12. The color was super pigmented and worked well as cream eyeshadow. I don’t use cream eyeshadow very often, but I liked it and it helped the powder eyeshadow stick well.

-Ulta Beauty Shimmer Blush

Overall, I really liked this blush, it is a very pretty pink color. I would have liked it to be a tad more pigmented, but if you are going for a light blush color it works well.

-Ulta Beauty Highlighting drops

This product was interesting because after I blended out the product you couldn’t tell it was there anymore. Also, the droplet did not really work it came out in clumps, so I did not enjoy that.

-Ulta Beauty Loose Highlighter

I liked this highlighter better because it was way more pigmented than the drops which was interesting because I usually like liquid highlighter way better. This highlighter showed up more when I blended it out, but it still was not my favorite and have used way better highlighters.

-Ulta Beauty brow pencil

I liked this product it did the job, but like I said earlier I usually don’t use pencils. I prefer eyebrow gel when doing my eyebrows but for lightly filling it in I liked it.  

-Ulta Beauty eye liner

For basic black eye liner, I liked it and it did its job.

-Ulta Beauty lipstick

I really enjoyed this product for being a lipstick. I normally don’t wear lipstick, so I feel like I can’t be a good judge for this, but I thought it was super moisturizing and the color in the gift set was like a nude-ish color.

-Ulta Beauty matte liquid lipstick

I liked this product, but it wasn’t matte. I am not sure if it was not matte, because I put it over the lipstick either way I liked it. For a regular lipstick it worked and did the job.

-Ulta Beauty glitter lip topper

I really enjoyed this product I thought the color was super pretty and it worked over lipstick well and on its own perfectly!


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