Makeup Tips For After Swimming in P.E/When You Got 10 Minutes Or Less!

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This week’s blog post is for all my high school girls! Where you at?!

It’s going to be all about makeup tips for after swimming in P.E. Not a fun time, but we all have to go through it unless your school doesn’t have a pool haha lucky you! 

These tips are for when you have 10 minutes to get yourself looking presentable again. Also, anyone could apply this to their routine when you’re in hurry, but I am catering this post for tips and tricks for after swimming in P.E specifically.

I got this idea, because I still get comments on one of my YouTube videos. If you didn’t already know I use to make YouTube videos throughout high school. My video is called Hair and Makeup tips for after swimming in P.E and it’s my most viewed video! I didn’t realize till yesterday, when I got a new comment on the video that it has over 30,000 views! SO CRAZY. Even though the video is over 4 years old and its super cheesy, because I was in high school. Click on the link above to check it out!

I will be sharing with you 5 of my best tips to looking cute again after having swimming in P.E, the gym or if your just running late.

In giving these tips I am assuming that you are already wearing makeup, because generally most people have gym class in the middle of the day, so you are touching up your makeup and re-getting ready.

My 5 Tips: 

1.     This seems obvious, but you could forget when you are getting ready in the morning apply water proof mascara so then after P.E you can skip a step!

2.     Bring your eyelash curler to re curl your lashes it will open up your eyes. People always say that curling your eyelashes doesn’t do anything, but it actually has a noticeable difference. Literally any kind of eyelash curler will work click the link above to see the one I use.

3.     Avoid having to bring less products to school like brushes it will just be way easier on you. For example, use cream blush so you don’t have to use a brush. It will be a lot faster in the process of doing your makeup and blush will make you look more awake.

4.     If you don’t have time to reply foundation just bring your concealer and powder to reply and freshen up.

5.     Bring a setting spray to make your makeup stay on longer.


I sincerely hope these tips help you and make P.E a little less terrible!



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