Best Tips and Tricks On Contouring


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I am coming to you with another makeup tip! A while back I asked you on my Instagram what are your struggles with makeup and I am taking what YOU said and creating an Instagram post on the Bobby natalia’s Instagram and then in further detail a blog post. This week is all about contouring I am going to share my best advice on how to apply blush, bronzer and highlighter. Also my favorites products and types of brushes to use when using each product. My whole goal with these makeup tips of the week is to make them as simple as possible for you the reader! So you can actually walk away from reading this to applying it to your makeup routine.

Here are my super simple tips for contouring!


You apply blush to the apples of your cheeks. Smiling is the best thing to do to figure out where the apples of your cheeks are because that is the proper area on face where blush should go. Finding the right blush all depends on your skin tone and finding what color fits its best so there is no one way answer. The only thing you can do it just try many different shades and see what color best fits your skin tone and what you like best. 


You apply bronzer right below the apples of your cheeks and when you suck it your face like a fish that is where you apply it.


You apply it right above the apples of your cheeks. It is where the sun hits your face and reflects off so that is why highlighter goes there.

Products that I personal use and highly recommend!!!

Elf Blush in the shade Twinkle Pink- One of my absolute favorite blushes ever and its only $3

Tarte Palette blush in the shade Live Boldly- I got this last year for Christmas and I love the blush it in I am still using it!

 Benefit Hoola Matte Bronzing Powder- Just love this product but it is pricy but when I got it loved it

Rimmel London Natural Bronzer- For drugstore bronzers I was using this one by NYC but I was never able to find it again and so I then started using this one and is the best drugstore one I have used so far

Mac Strobe Cream in the shade Silverlite- I got this in a BirchBox so I only got a sample of it but it is lasting me a very long time!

Benefit High Beam Liquid Highlighter- This literally last SO LONG!

Blush Brush- I cannot find the exact one I use but this is the closest. Real Techniques is my absolute favorite makeup brush company. Mine is from them, but just a little but smaller.

Bronzer Brush- Bronzer brushes are all about the shape. It is pointed at the top and narrow so you can get the product just on that part of the brush and goes right in the area where you suck in your face like a fish and no where else.

Most highlighters I use are cream so I just use my finger to blend it out but if I do use a brush I use a eyeshadow brush because their small and I can get the product just above the apple of my cheek.

Hope you rock your next contouring!

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