5 Of Best Tips You Will Ever Receive For Mascara!


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Mascara is one of my absolute favorite makeup products! I will be sharing with you in this post my best advice of what I have learned over the years for the best looking eyelashes and finding the right mascara!

My tips:

1. Buy a mascara that gives volume not one that curls because the ones that say they curl usually don’t actual curl your lashes. Buy a mascara that gives you volume they simple just do a job better. I don’t know why is this but this is what I have learned from experience.

2. Going off the first tip buy an eyelash curler instead of buying a mascara that says it’s going to curl. I don’t know how many times I have heard people tell me they don’t use an eyelash curler because they think it will not work well they work! You will notice a difference! Especially if your lashes naturally grow straight.  

3. If you feel like you are running out of mascara run the tube under hot water for about minute or so it will get the product moving around again. Also you will get more product out of it instead of just throwing it out.

4. Do not move the mascara wand up and down that can cause air into the mascara causing for bacteria to get into the product. Try moving the wand around in circle motions instead of up and down.

5. This is my absolute favorite mascara ever Buxom Lash mascara it gives amazing volume and helps give your lashes a little bit of a curl! The wand helps you get in your inner corner of your lashes and works on your bottom lashes as well. A good mascara has a good designed wand and you are able to use it everywhere on your lashes.  

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