Makeup Storage Tips For Traveling!


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Spring is just a day away and summer is just a few months away! Which means more people are traveling and going on vacations! I’m so ready for warmer weather and summer adventures! Who is with me?! I thought this weeks blog post should be about how to store your makeup products and brushes when traveling!

Weather I’m going on a plane or driving in the car I store my makeup the same way!

Here are my tips:

Get yourself two makeup bags one for all your products and one for all your brushes/sponges. I like doing this because when you put everything together it gets dirty with makeup going everywhere because of product being on your brushes and sponges. I like designating one bag for just my brushes/sponges and if that one gets dirty its no big deal but I do recommend cleaning all your brushes before your trip! Also for makeup sponges I would bring a new one for your trip so everything doesn’t get dirty but for during the trip I would bring a plastic zip lock bag so your foundation from the sponge doesn’t go everywhere.

Another tip that I recommend is to bring one eyeshadow pallet that you can use for multiple different looks so your not having to bring a bunch of different products and it simply makes it easier for packing and having less things when traveling is just so much easier! My favorite pallet to bring with me when traveling is the Naked 3 from Urban Decay because its a has very neutral colors and you can create any look with it! This is what I have been doing for a couple years now when traveling and has worked really well! Hope these tips help you!

Here are some of my favorite travel makeup bags:

Pura Vida Clutch - I have this exact one just a different design. I love this bag its perfect for any summer travels! Use the code NATALIEBECK30 for 20% off your purchase on anything from Pura Vida Bracelets!

Sephora Pouch- I love using this one for my makeup brushes its the perfect size! I couldn’t find the exact one but I think its pretty close except mine is a bright pink color. Always check your local Sephora because they will probably have more of a variety!

I also recommend checking out Target they always have a good selection that is affordable. Also checking out local shops you can always find cute little bags that aren’t technically for makeup but they do a great job of holding your makeup!

If you use any of these tips post a picture to Instagram tagging Bobby natalia and using the #Bobbynatalia! I would LOVE to see! Don’t forget to follow Bobby natalia on Instagram and join the community!

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