Makeup Brush and Sponge Storage Tips!


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This weeks blog post I share with you my best tips with storing your makeup brushes and sponges. Also, my personal experience with getting the best out of your makeup brushes/sponges! Before I go into the storage tips I just want to bring up one thing to help you.

I have had my makeup brushes for many many years! I still have brushes since I started doing my makeup around the age of 14 or 15 years old. Obviously my makeup brush collection has grown over the years but if you take care of your brushes the right way you should have them for a very long time. You should be cleaning your brushes more times than not. I can for sure attest not being the best at this but I have learned its essentially in not getting acne and keeping your brushes in good condition. If you do that you then storing your brushes is a piece of cake! I hope these tips help you!

  1. Do not store your makeup brushes or sponges or even makeup products in your bathroom. Store it all in your bedroom or another room in your house. There is more bacteria in a bathroom and there is more moisture in the air which then causes for more bacteria to grow. Which is not good for makeup brushes/sponges and even makeup products. It could cause mold on your brushes and also products could go bad because of the moisture in the air.

  2. If you do your makeup in the bathroom just leave your brushes and products somewhere else and bring it in the bathroom just when your doing makeup.

  3. I put all makeup brushes in a candle holder from Bath and Body Works. After I used up the candle I took out the wicks and then washed out the container. I like using a candle holder because its a large container that can hold a lot of brushes at once.

  4. For my foundation sponges I use a sponge holder from Real Techniques which helps it not to get bacteria on it. Having a sponge in a holder allows it to not just sit on the counter where there are many germs or whatever else could get on it. Also simply its just a nice storage option to have.

    If you use any of these tips post a picture to Instagram using the #Bobbynatalia! I would LOVE to see:) Don’t forget to follow Bobby natalia on Instagram and join the community!

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